Explore the humpback whale sanctuary!

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60,000 pound giants!

Venture the along the National Humpback Whale Sanctuary here in the Big island and join us as we Watch the ocean transform into a playground for giants!

Pristine and secluded reefs teeming with marine life surround you, tall volcanic ridges covered in coral, spectacular private views with no crowds. Tail slaps, spouts, and breaching are some of the things you may see while we learn about these majestic mammals, respecting and enjoying their company.

Listen to the beautiful humpback whale songs using our state of the art hydrophone bringing their songs out of the water. This is truly an amazing experience!

These humpback whales are usually only here for a few months, so make sure you book fast and plan ahead!

  • Included:
  • -Professional Guide and Captain
  • -Listen to the whale songs using our state of the art hydrophone
  • -Bottled water